Second Medicine

Illustration : We have created this logo for the Second Medicine – we explain further

In Second Medicine we focussed on the fight against Superbugs : phage therapy, aromatherapy, etc.

From our experience, we developed proposals for the the fight of the patient against viruses – flu, covid, etc.

Descartes names First medicine what is – today – High tech medicine.
For example this First medicine would like to create factories for phages – regardless of the need for customization of phage therapy.
The second medicine is low tech medicine.
For example that which harvests phages, cultivates them, filters them, with modest means.

Plant medicine

In all “not high tech” medicines, the healer:
– suggests that the patient correct their diet
– makes a prescription for herbal therapies

This is the case with Taoist Chinese Medicine, Indian Ayurvedic Medicine, etc.

We worked on plants against viruses and bacteria .

MAC = Medicine Alternative and Complementary

This is the most common formulation in France.

In English it makes CAM – Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The wording is scandalous.

Why would the Second Medicine be an alternative to the First?

When a patient is attacked by a bacterium which mocks antibiotics, he is out of the game for Primary Medicine , he is incurable!

The Second Medicine is therefore the unique medicine for this incurable patient !!!

It is not “alternative”.

Why would the Second medicine be complementary to the First?

The outlook on the patient – the paradigm – is not only different but incompatible.

Watch the video – in French but the drawings show the matter of parallel paradigms.

WHO has identified 12000 plants used by healers around the world.

In what way are 12 thousand therapeutic plants alternatives or complementary to the 151 effective industrial molecules available ???

What we find written in French on CAMs – in particular by the “authorities” – is too often distressing.

How to produce relevant documents on CAM when the initial bias is to despise 1. The therapy 2. The patient who uses it 3. The practitioner who prescribes it ???

In 2018, the WHO reported that France did not answer the questions:
– is there a national policy for CAM?
– is there CAM laws?
– is there a national CAM program?
– is there a national CAM office?
– is there a national expert committee for CAM?
– is there a research structure for CAM?

in CAM Report cards pages 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27

You have to see these maps to compare the situation in France with that of countries around the world for Second Medicine.


WHO talks about TCiM = Traditional, complementary and integrative medicine

The resource.

WHO also talks about TCAM Traditional, complementary and alternative medicine or simply TCM .

A logo for the second-medicine

We are not aware that there is a logo for Second Medicine; we create one.

We include 7 symbols

One planet
The Second Medicine is universal.
Chinese wormwood makes “miracles” all over the world.
Primary Medicine is “confined”, depending on the case:
– in rich countries
– because there is a conflict of patents, etc.
– because there is a problem of authorization of use
– etc.

A staff
It is the staff of Hermes with its different symbolism.
The First Medicine has the staff of Aesculapius.

A leaf
Herbal therapies are both the symbol and the most universal practice.

Two snakes
Hermes snakes.
The First Medicine has only one snake.

Two wings
Another attribute of Hermès.
Here diverted from its original meaning to say: The suffering of the patient and his entourage are alleviated

The sky and the clouds

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