Mission impossible

Making a movie-stillie on a complex matter is basically impossible.
It is impossible and I had to do it, I had to say my deep emotions.
I had to say the health situation in which my emotions developed.

Saying loud that French First Medicine has “big problems”

My neighbor Gérard was saved by “doctors”.
In fact, by surgeons and specialists of transplant rejection.
It is impossible for him to hear that :
– thousands of French patients are declared “incurable” when they could be saved,
– they could be saved by phage therapy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, etc.
– so called “French health system” is “French First Medicine system” – the one with chemical pills,
– thousands of French patients could be saved by a French Second Medicine.

Saying loud that Doctor Macron is “out of the game”

Cognitive Doctor Macron – with 6 physicians in his family – is able to understand the absolute need of a Second Medicine now.
Emotional Doctor Macron has the same problem as my neighbor Gérard.
He can’t admit that, since 1941, 1 million French citizens died because of the lack of a Second Medicine.
Doctor Macron promised a “New world“.
We have more and more deaths by Superbugs, etc. : its a New world !!!

Explaining completely mad, crazy, insane decisions

Official French government decisions in 2016, 2019, 2021 were : “French patients with Superbugs will not be cured by Second Medicine – phages, aromatherapy, etc.
This decision hidden behind an horrible formulation : “We shall wait the patient is rotten and then apply Second Medicine !
So, we shall prove that Second Medicine is inefficient !!!
Semaille-Macron are the inventors of the rotten patient concept !!!

Put these three “little problems” in a few minutes of pictures and words

We try to make all this understandable through the true story of Martin the Invalid.
The true story of what it is to be declared “incurable” several times.
The true story of being saved several times by Second Medicine.

Telltale what it is to be whipped by Doctor Macron vulgar insults

Martin is an invalidated Frenchie.
Martin has been invalidated by a vaccine when he was a kid.
The so called “covid vaccine” – an unknown experimental mix – will kill Martin.

Martin is not a stubborn subhuman conspirationnist : he is terrorized.

Terrorized by an experimental mix aswell as he is terrorized by an antibiotic – he was severely burnt by such a stuff.
And more.

“Like a stab in my back !”

This is what Martin feels when he receives the crappy insult !

From 2018 to 2021 Martin has sent 12 thousand emails to the French Parliament and to Doctor Macron.

I don’t want to die with this bug, I need Second Medicine !

“Thousands others with Superbugs or so need Second Medicine not to die !”

Doctor Macron wants to save Martin of a bug he has not – covid.
Doctor Macron doesn’t want to save Martin of a bug he has – bacteria.

Mission impossible

Impossible to say all that in a few minutes :
– the evidence of the efficiency of Second Medicine – with a 350 academic references bibliography
– the thousands of Frenchies who could be saved from death, amputation or invalidation
– the thousands of personal distresses
– the whiplash of the vulgar insults

We hope you enjoy it anyway …

Treatment 1 – Adam’s Fall – from flowers to crap

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