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Dr Bois, a knowledge smuggler, from anger to hope

In 2018, I discover the Superbug health scandal in France
I discover that all actors – officials, politicians, etc. are trapped in a violent paradigmatic split.
Then Covid arrives : the actors are the same, the paradigmatic split is the same.
The vaccine will be inefficient for a “certain number” of people – says the government.
They will not be cured by Second medicine therapy – the government forbids it (1)
How to shift from anger to hope ?

(1) 2021-06-30, the Castex-Véran decree is cheating with the article 35.
2021-07-19, the Phag-One research project is published and confirms my worst apprehensions ! Analysis in French
The two texts as a whole forces the physician to terrorize the patient to whom he offers phage therapy.
And parliamentarians say Amen ! to this massacre – OPECST.

Nota bene : Among the pairs of diseases / therapies the case of phagotherapy is of special interest.

First, because Superbugs will, in the future, be the first cause of death in the world – Lord O’Neill’s report.

Second, because phage therapy is cheap, efficient and with few side effects.

Third, because the subject is much less undermined than the Covid matter.

Of course, the reader can translate what is said about the bacteria scandal to other health scandals.


I fight against Superbugs, not against France

Why ? How ? These six presidents decided to let French patients die from Superbug diseases ?

Because they are trapped in a violent paradigmatic split – as we said.

100 thousands deaths caused by superbugs since Mister Macron was Minister then President.

Second Medicine therapies are prohibited – note one just before.


Second Medicine prohibition

An incredible date 9 11 ; 1941 9 11 the death of French Second Medicine was decided by the “government” while France is occupied.

Powerlessness in the face of the conqueror, illusion of all power in the face of microbes.

Illusion that all patients with all kind of diseases wil be cured by 151 industrial molecules – actual count.

World Health Organisation identifies 12 thousand different plants used by Second Medicine healers in the world !

In France, the patient declared incurable by First Medicine is not entitled to a Second chance .

We cut his leg or send him home to die without costing society too much !!!


You ! Happy stakeolder of Dr Bois’campaign.

We have been acting in France since 1986.

In Europe and in the World since 2019 – see Zenodo.

Even if the running costs are reduced to a minimum it is necessary to “move the machine forward”.

It is possible thanks to you, donor.

Me ! Patient with a Superbug or so

They say they can’t do anything against the Superbug.

They say that there is no other choice than amputate my leg !

And OSM says it’s so easy to apply Second Medicine for a Second chance.


We, suffering physicians

The suicide of many medical interns was a shock to us.
But unfortunately not a surprise.

Physicians are faced with a completely crazy double injunction:

  • you have to save the patient !
  • if the patient is incurable by First Medicine …
    … you must not use Second Medicine therapies !!!

In France there are only tiny tiny experiences with Second Medicine therapies – phagotherapy, aromatherapy – although the need is huge – 12 thousands of deaths in 2012, increasing each and every year !


Patients, physicians, it’s enough for us !

Years after years I write and rewrite the same numbers of deaths.

At the moment I write the last word of the articles in this site a scream arises from the bottom of my guts : Enough !