Dr Bois, a knowledge smuggler

When I was in high-scool, my main concerns were :
– doing a presentation in front of the class or wider
– hold a photo exhibition
– sing or play music in front of an audience

I was able to turn this passion into a job when I was 29 : I trained technicians and engineers all over the world.

When I was 50, I stopped my job and became a research-student for presenting a PhD dissertation 7 years later.


In 1986, I had created Une Fabrique de Communs for free knowledge dissemination.

Since the very beginning the idea of OSM – Organisation for a Second Medicine – was in the background shadow.


In 2018, I discovered the health scandal “not using phage therapy to save lives”.

In 2020, I had the confirmation that there is a huge problem in the so called “French health system” = it deals more with Physicians-of-the-First-Medicine than with Patients-who-need-a-Second Medicine to survive.

In 2022, I bursted out when Mister Macron told me I am a subhuman because I am not “vaccinated”.

Although I had written him to describe my health situation and ask for a waiver of vaccination.

Of course, I asked a waiver for me but also for all the people in my case !

I shall come back writing this article when I fill better with the strong emotion with …

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