The MP’s OPECST report

OPECST : Parliamentary Office for Evaluating Scientific and Technological Choices – in short The Office.

2021-03-09 The Office issues a report – analysis in French.

The report is based on the declarations of ANSM officials – physicians-officials.

ANSM officials are violently against Second medicine.

They don’t realize the drama of the scourge of Superbugs.

They still rely on Big pharma to develop antibiotics but Big pharma doesn’t develop antibiotics anymore !!! – O’Neill’s report.

ANSM regulations lead to the absence of Second chance, Second Medicine for patients with Superbugs.

In 2012, in France, 12 thousands of patients die from Superbugs. The number is greater each year.

The MP’s of The Office are happy with the choices made by ANSM !!!

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