Second Medicine brings …

… hope.

Le présent site existe aussi en français.

The problem is not Superbugs !

The problem is not Covid !

The problem is how you, your cousin, your college, your neighbor feels helpless in front of this adversity.

40 centuries of Second medicine

What we call now the Second medicine has cured from kings to soldiers with plants, minerals, etc. for centuries.

80 % of humans …

… are still cured by Second Medicine efficient recipes.

Hope …

… is the right emotion, knowing that 12 thousand different types of plants have therapeutical virtues.

These 4 essential oils kill Superbugs and Covid.

Full information …

… should be given to each and every citizen about the way to protect oneself from Superbugs and Covid.

Second medicine was killed …

… in France in 1941.

OSM Organisation for a Second medicine is fighting for the use of Second medicine to save thousands of lives each and every year.

See the summary of the themes of our campaign

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