Who will fight against Superbugs ?

Illustration : From Giscard – 1974 to 1981 – to Macron the number of deaths is worse and worse

Spring 1974

Student brasserie, Strasbourg, three medical interns.

It’s tragic, we can no longer count the deaths of patients by bacteria that don’t care about antibiotics!

Yet in the Vidal dictionary of official drugs and other therapeutic devices there is phagotherapy which kills the said bacteria.

In 1974, it was already urgent to boost the use of phage therapy.

The reverse happened !!!

The gradual disappearance of phage availability is dramatic. in French.

Doctor Olivier Patey talks about health scandal of the century .

An exemplary scandal

Antimicrobial resistance is the great killer !

Quantitatively, there are many more deaths by bacteria than by viral pandemics – covid, etc.

In 2012, Public Health France gives the figure of 12 thousand deaths per year – constantly increasing. Ten times more fatalities than on the road !!!
In 2050, deaths from bacteria and other organisms resistant to therapeutic molecules will be 10 million per year – world.
We have scandal because:

  • the phenomenon is old and progressive
  • the therapies exist, are effective and without side effects
  • the French Ministry of health never stops lying – see our analysis of the Parliament OPECST report – in French.

Not fighting France

When reading my papers, when viewing my Keynote video, it may sound like I hate France, the only country in the world who ignores Lord O’Neill’s warnings about Superbugs, the only country in the world where a Second chance, a Second Medicine is prohibited.

But I am not so much qualified for hating and much more for action, information & didactics.

Credit for illustration

Emmanuel Macron

François Hollande

Nicolas Sarkozy

Jacques Chirac

François Mitterrand

Valery Giscard d’Estaing

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