The rotten patient concept

The rotten patient concept was invented by Caroline Semaille and adopted by Doctor Macron.

Principle one : it is possible to be more than dead

If I am infected by a Superbug I have no chance with the antibiotics – it is the definition of a Superbug !!!
I am going to be rotten and to die out by the Superbug.
Any therapy may be best than dying out.
Semaille-Macron have decided that a therapy can make more harm to me than dying out !!!
So they don’t cure me with phage therapy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy because these therapies may make me more than dead !!!

Principle two : if the patient is rotten it is worth beginning the cure !!!

If I have a Superbug, Semaille-Macron wait the moment I be rotten and then say to hospital physicians : “You can begin the cure !

Of course, you don’t believe me !

But it is very simple : you take Semaille-Macron texts, you grind them in Google translation, you read and you discover by yourself !!!
To simplify your travel, I have selected the best sentences :
Phag-one phage project
ANSM 2019

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