Superbugs threat : the deadly silence of 2022 program for Europe

See and blow

We are this kind of whistleblower who just assembles things that are in front of our eyes but nobody makes the link between the facts, between the pieces of information.
An example
Who links the European health program of Doctor Macron with what happens in a small village of the north of the Andean Mountains ?
We make the link !
And then begins the problem :
– Superbugs challenge the European model for medicine : antibiotics are totally inefficient against them !
– the traditional healer in the North of the Andean Mountains has no problem with Superbugs : the healing plants he uses kill bacteria and viruses !

Last news from the world

Our corespondents on the five continents observe :
1. In westernized neighborhoods of “not so rich” countries, the patients with covid get superbugs “as if” they were in a developed country.
2. In places of “not so rich” countries where the Second Medicine healers are still active and can find the natural medicines, the deadly incidence of covid and superbugs is lower – as well as sequels among survivors.
In France, we have a humorous formula :
This appeals to me somewhere at the level of experience !
But journalists have no brain-appeal !!!
Seen in developed countries medias :
In poor countries, they don’t count the deaths so precisely as we do !
Specially the dead who are … not dead because the healer gave them the right plant !
We repeat that our field observation is : out of westernized neighborhoods, the % of deaths is a lot lower than in developed countries.

When diaspora members save their lives

Some plants which are efficient against Superbugs and viruses are not available – allowed – in France for example.
The people from the diaspora receive the plants from their native country – or others – and save their lives.
A example
Our correspondants observe the efficient use of artemisia annua against viruses and Superbugs.
Academic research work confirm the action of artemisia annual – see our general bibliography on Second Medicine.

Who will save European citizens and how ?

Querying for “Europe 2022 Macron Program“, Google first proposes an article by Institut Montaigne.
Georgina Wright analyses Macron’s program for his six months as a President.
Google also promotes Bruno Latour analysis : M. Macron program is great for … 1945.
In the following, we analyse the silences and words of “Doctor Macron” on health, Superbugs, etc.
N.B. : Cited articles and sentences are in our bibliography.

“A Europe that protects.” writes Doctor Macron

Our comment : Protect from what ?
What is and will be the true danger for me, my family, my friends, my neighbors, my colleagues ?
The Lancet gives the answer : Superbugs !!!
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) poses a major threat to human health around the world … effect of AMR on incidence, deaths, hospital length of stay, and health-care costs for specific pathogen–drug combinations in select locations.
Together I am in danger and I pay for the huge expenses !!!

“Promoting an industrial strategy for health” writes Doctor Macron

The industrial strategy for health is the cause of the AMR hecatomb !!! See Lord O’Neill’s report on AMR.
Promoting industrial strategy for health is promoting death !

A total ignorance

We have seen that journalists write : “Europeans are the most clever to count the deaths !
Our correspondents in hospitals say exactly the contrary !
There is a big pot with “Dying from covid” “Dying with covid” “Overdetected covid” and “Underdetected covid”.
But it is so difficult to say “We ignore” from the level of the head of hospital department to the level of the President !!!
So inventing and lying is the new “sport” for health information.

Meanwhile …

The healers in the Second Medicine paradigm have saved patients and save more !
The key of Second Medicine success is its global care of :
– the global health of the patient
– the immune system of the patient
– the inflammatory system
– etc.
Aromatherapy – essential essences – has killed viruses !!!
Phytotherapy – artemisia annua for example – has killed viruses !!!
See our kit.

Superbugs are killed by this strategy, not by the industrial strategy !

” Building a European common industrial policy for health ” writes Doctor Macron

Several European countries promote the use of phage therapy, France doesn’t.
Several European countries promote the use of aromatherapy, France doesn’t.
Several European countries promote the use of phytotherapy, France doesn’t.

Doctor Macron says “common” !!!
We have shown – over the last 4 years – that French health officials fight against what is not industrial medicine.

Some observers say : “Doctor Macron is not interested by your health … but by shareholder’s prosperity and wealth.

One word is not enough !!!

Lastly, the French Presidency … will notably step up efforts on the prevention and fight against cancer, antimicrobial resistance, and the mental health of vulnerable young people, which will be the subject of
a ministerial conference on 7 March.
” Doctor Macron’s program for health in Europe.

One word for millions of deaths, amputations and invalidations each and every year !!!

The Jim O. Neill report and others have shown that fighting superbugs needs a new paradigm.

Deeply casted in the old paradigm – 1945

Bruno Latour observes : “The program of M. Macron was meaningful in … 1945 !

This formula is the summary of what we said before.

Doctor Macron can’t see that the Superbug threat was created by 1. The industry 2. The industry based health system.

Doctor Macron can’t imagine that what must be done is the opposite of what was done yet !




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